This year I have done so much.
Yet, for me it never seems like enough. I didn’t do as paintings as I would’ve liked so, in my mind I fail. I think 2014 will be the year to get over that.

I published Borrowed Wishes, I wrote another book. I’m shaping up many things, but that its not done right now, and it’s irking me. I am so angry at…


I am hardest on myself.

I do things for myself, not because my agent won’t or my mates won’t, or my dad. I just, have learned, do it for myself. I do things for them, I love helping people.

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Red Phone Box

I’m freaking out I’m in a book some very famous writers. It’s amazing, and really what I wanted as teenager dreaming about being a writer. Go see it. My brain can barely process it happened. Even though, I’ve known, I’ve been there, I wrote the story. It was magical, and beautiful


I FINALLY got the ride in phone box I’d been waiting decades for.


Now, if only I had a Doctor to go with



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Pink Bubble

I have this tiny talent. I’ve been almost shy about it, it’s I’ve been doing it for a while. I really love hypnosis. I don’t know why, it just really makes sense to me.

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Lux Shimshi: Miss Scare All

Borrowed Wishes A Lux Novel, now read read a new story!

My calendar always filled too quickly in Autumn, Something about the temperature drop makes people want to invite the creepy girl out. People who wouldn’t otherwise talk to me suddenly needed me. I guess it’s nice to be liked no matter the reason.

Dare called me out tonight. My ex girlfriend, the one I thought would be the one. Strange did not begin to cover it, uncomfortable yes it was. She needed me, so I went, besides it was part of my job now.

As a Traveller I watch over magic. I make sure all the right magic stays in the right place. I shouldn’t have been able to get to Hallow Earth but I did. I shouldn’t have gotten my hands on The Necronomicon but I did. So, whoever decides, asked me.

Lucky me.

Dare met me on the stoop in front of her building. She looked too skinny and pale under the street light. Her ghost seemed gone, that was odd. He was protective.

“He’s gone.” Aria’s voice was in my head. That’s a problem. As mediums we’re unsafe without our protectors.

“Hey Dare.” I said hugging her close. I pulled into my arms, she shivered. I walked her to her apartment.

Once inside we were safer to talk. I sat next to her on to sofa. She looked so frail compared to the last time I saw her.

“What happened?” I asked reaching for her hand.
“He just vanished, about three weeks ago.” Dare said with a sob.

I wondered if it had anything to do with Nepenthe. Dare was mixed up with pretty shady people.

“It’s not that.” Aria snapped in my head.
“Okay. I get it.” I snapped right back mentally.
“Alright, I know that face.” Dare said.
“Aria says its not Nepenthe related.” I said with smile.
“Duh, I know. I can hear her, and I stopped four months back.” Dare said blushing.

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Releases & Art ,DJing

People have often said the parallels between Lux and I are amazing. No, and yes.

No, in the fact that I write Lux it should come from somewhere. Yes, in the fact that unlike some authors she’s clearly not a idealised copy of me.

See what I mean in her latest adventures Borrowed Wishes.

When Lux goes to Burning Man you know it’s trouble. It’s just her kinda thing. Just what did you think they were doing on Black Rock all these years?

So what have I been doing?

(in some random order)

This summer I went to summer camp. An art summer camp. Lead by Sammie Kira Harding (of that couch art box video I mentioned.) It was ever so much fun. To just go back and do art with kids. Not care about if it looks good or not. She re-taught me to enjoy doing it just for the sake of doing it.

Not everything has to be perfect.

I’ve also started my own zine again, Paper Pet. Which features a 100 from my tumblr and one or two short pieces of erotic fiction. All with one of my kawaii creations on the cover.

Proudly as I’ve mentioned here, I think. I’ve started a new podcast this time it’s about music. I’m SO happy to be dealing with music again from my articles at The Cult Den to CandyBeat itself.

How’s your summer been?

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