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Ask Miss Geek #5

Hey all back again with another super special question I got from one of you! Just so you know I’m offering readings on fiverrSo if you need me, come get me! With fiverr you don’t need to talk to me its text based. “Dear Miss G, I’ve been having some trouble connecting with my friend. [...]

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Ask Miss Geek #4

Due to my chaotic life its been awhile since I’ve done a reading free or otherwise. Everything you starts with a single step. If I want to start reading again it starts with one. This question came via my keen mail. “Dear Miss Lo, I want to know if I can sell prints of my [...]

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Stalking Time #5

Title: Mother Knows Best? Doctor: Ninth Card: Empress Inverted “Rose, this is not the time,” The Doctor shouted as the TARDIS seemed to hit a pocket of turbulence. He ran around the controls in a frenzy, flipping switches, turning knobs, and occasionally looking up at his erstwhile companion on the phone, holding on to a [...]

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Stalking Time #4

Title: Matters of the Heart Incarnation: Fourth Card: Ace of Cups The Doctor lay on the floor of the TARDIS, breathing heavily. The wound was deeper than it seemed, causing agonizing pain but not enough to trigger the regeneration process. His assistants went about the rooms, looking for anything that they could use to staunch [...]

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Get Better Readings

So, itʻs been a bit of a bumpy road for me. After the birth of my daughter. Iʻve decided to go back to doing readings. My first two back were disastrous. Why? Because the ladies simply asked me to do too much. What do I mean? Lady number one asked, “Will there be money in [...]

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