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Coming Back

I’m continually amazed at how much Twitter can make me think. This tweet in particular summed up how I view tarot reading and why I got so disheartened reading for others. “A reading which does not completely change someones perspective on life is a wasted opportunity” -Tarosophy. People use me like a magic 8 ball. [...]

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Ask Miss Geek #3

Here’s a quickie mostly because it was the only thing sent in. Send me your question tarot fans! A reader asks “Will someone I was seeing come back to me?” TG answers: The Star. indicates that you will be seeing a chance for new beginnings. You may feel lost of hopeless, but if you look [...]

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Ask Miss Geek #2

I called this something else last time but, here goes. I’m a believer in offering my readings to everyone. Free advice you’d call it. Want your own reading? Pop over to the “Readings and Work” page and make a donation. OR Just drop me a line. I’ll answer and request to post the question and [...]

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In My Head

As I was sitting down to write this, I saw a quote on Twitter: “The only thing that matters is where you choose to be in your life right now.” My great grandmother died two weeks ago. It’s been an uphill battle, with five aunts and my dad. I’ve finally made it around to talk [...]

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Stalking Time #3

Title: What is Humanity? Incarnation: Eighth Card: Temperance “Now that we’re not running for our lives, I’ve been meaning to ask you a question, Doctor.” The Doctor looked up from the controls of the Tardis, “Yes?” “Just what did you mean when you said you were half-human.? Is that true?” He just smiled a half-smile [...]

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