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So, itʻs been a bit of a bumpy road for me. After the birth of my daughter. Iʻve decided to go back to doing readings. My first two back were disastrous. Why? Because the ladies simply asked me to do too much.
What do I mean?
Lady number one asked, “Will there be money in my future?” Yes! Unless you just curl up in bed and DO NOTHING There will always be money in your future. I said, “have you been to school?” I heard rumblings. She then said yes and ASSUMED I had nothing more to say.
Lady Number Two said “People are calling my house, why?” Now, two things happened here. I saw her husband was hurt (emotionally) and I saw that these were just hurtful pranks. I tried to steer her toward the idea of comforting her husband, she cursed at me and hung up. Reactions like the latter make me not want to read even though I feel its what Iʻm “meant” to do. Literally, I feel this pull and nagging feeling when I say “Iʻm not going to read”

I was put on this earth to inspire and help.

That being said here are some helpful Tips for getting a reading from me and other Readers.
Calm down I know your question is important. But, breathe and relax. Its really easy to pick up your emotions. So, while keen is connecting us. Take a deep breathe and focus. Donʻt assume Just because one reader saw one thing doesnʻt mean all of us will.Some of us might see the same thing but in a different way! Yes, use a set of readers who have proven themselves to be good. If all your readers say bob is faithful…TRUST that. Donʻt call until you find the one that agrees with your fear. Action So many times i hear “That reader was wrong cause x didnʻt come back to me” and I say this: The Universe has limitless power but we limit it with our choices and actions. Did you simply wait for x to call? or did you TRY to call him. Did you start dating y while pining for x? Iʻm not saying be obsessive, but donʻt expect all those things to happen with out effort from you. Remember my line about money!

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