Fire Walk With Me

This blog post and podcast attempts the answer the question we have all had since the early the nineties, from time to time when we’re drunk or really stoned.

How did she get wrapped plastic?

But, First

Can she get out? Will she get out? Of course she can!

She’s Laura Fucking Palmer! 90s pop culture icon.

David Lynch is a fantastical mad man whose great vision brought us Twin Peaks. It’s the series the launched a fanzine, several books and even more critique ebooks! David Lynch is man with scope and actually planned to make four full length feature films. After Fire Walk failed so badly, plans were scrapped. (Much to my sadness. Although I still believe Mulholland Dr. is Audrey Horne’s twisted tale.)

Does this movie negate the series or the series or make it better? Is Agent Cooper’s apparent teleport skill apply to all Cooper men? Does that make him more awesome them than David Bowie? (These are too many questions for any space mermaid..

Its dizzying I tell you.)

This User Commentary we go the distance and talk to Princess Superstar , Earth’s Princess. Lacuna talks about her friends and a great writer Kneel Downe, who’s book she’s been reading, and gotten wet.

Lacuna puts out fire with her water. So, download and go mad with us.

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