Craft Manifesto

Manifestos are great. I needed to amp up this year, make it massive! Better than resolutions, more like mission statements. Empowering somehow, I think. I’m in a place where I can grow and change and I am no longer afraid to be doing so.

I will be beautiful by creating the beauty I see in my head in putting in the world. I will be the love I want have in this world, I have to be a force of love.

My goals this year are simple.

- Create my little mixed media paintings with LifeBook’13.
- Work on more zendollie videos.
-Do more writings and video on pop culture.

I have more little goals that go with each of my bigger goals. I’m thinking I’d like to sell my art prints. Perhaps if I feel comfortable and safe.

My writing goals more expansive.

- A new Lux book
- A new net based serial

Of course keeping up with current things in progress. I have two books in edit that I need to finish up. I’m a girl who likes to keep busy.

There are of course, other things I’m not at liberty to talk on right now.

2013 is going to be great.

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