Zendollie & not bees

We all add to ourselves, things we read and see and listen too shape us.

Things are beautiful after you put through my glitter brain. Maybe
it’s because its after midnight and I’m watching Night Gallery.
But, honestly, put a thought in there, shake me up, and give me a pen, you’re liable to get all sorts of things.

Sometimes it’s good we explain where we get our ideas from. In school we were taught cite scources, I was at least I don’t know about you or students these days.
just a joke although seriously, figure it out. Life’s a journey. Get on the road, I’m a map maker of sorts. You don’t have to be alone, none of us do.

In developing a more spiritual self you may need some guidance. I want to give it to you for a fiver.

I will be touching on broad and strange topics in future zendollies. Not all of them will them will be about hypno. Some will be about art and or aliens. You might enjoy the ride, I’m finding it weird as I go. As that song goes, I know we’ll be just fine, when we love the ride.

If you don’t make your spirituality a chore, but a joy of discovery. It’s amazing. It becomes everything,today I am lighter and I am happy.

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