Ask Miss Geek #5

Hey all back again with another super special question I got from one of you! Just so you know I’m offering readings on fiverrSo if you need me, come get me! With fiverr you don’t need to talk to me its text based.

“Dear Miss G,
I’ve been having some trouble connecting with my friend. What can I do?”
~Lost One

I love this question because you didn’t ask me if they liked you. You assumed they do! You are worthy, and you know it.

The Star.

It’s a temporary thing, but you knew that. The key here is patience and making yourself glow. Confused? I’ll explain, perhaps your friend is depressed or simply unsure of how to talk to you. So, get happy.

or to quote some wise guy be a lamp unto yourself.

Be capable of being there if they need you but okay if they don’t. Sometimes it’s good to be needed, right?

They’ll come around you’ve left the light on.

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