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Jak Banjo and Lacuna Noir are an unlikely pair of movie watchers who bring another look at the movies you know, love, or simply haven’t even ever heard of. Bonding over the wealth of knowledge, tropes, and social commentary not found on the watery planet of Lacuna’s origin, our intrepid heroes have found a system that creates an entertaining training manual for foreigners, terrestrials or otherwise. In such, they also manage to create the special feature you never knew you wanted.

Jak Banjo
There’s not much to be said about Jakson Banjo save that he’s the normal one. He’s the guy who fished Lacuna out of the change pond in a New Jersey mall. Then, against all better judgment, he started showing her tv and movies to help her get acclimated to Earth culture.

Lacuna Noir
Aside from being an extraterrestrial mermaid, Lacuna is a visitor stranded on a strange planet. Well, strange for her. From Neptune, to England, and finally to New Jersey, her trip has been a long and convoluted one. She spends most of her time in a big fish bowl in front of a television. Who’d have thought?

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