About Sins

What happens when you go to far? What happens when you’re discarded? You find your way home. The city loves all her children, poor, black, white, even spotted. Long after the time of science and the death of normalcy sits the city. A wash of filth and culture of bright lights and dead technology.
It’s 2120 and the world as we know it is falling apart. Completely, and it’s our own fault. Vanity that’s what changed us and tore us apart. Society wanted of some vague vision of perfection.

We can get faster by  Cheetah injection? Sure, okay let’s do. Better hair by continuous use of “Change” patches in Panther flavor?

Why not. That’s what or grandparents thought too. Now, we the are the new “lost generation” humans call us the Changeless. You see we are animal kids.  This is the world of Sins, a world of rebirth and deconstruction.

Welcome. Start here.

A piece of the story *should* be posted every Wednesday. Spread the word.

Print + Keep: I give you Bombay Paperdoll style

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