About Snarky

A dollygirl living amongst plastic dolls.

My name is Lacie Grayson.

I’m a podcaster and DJ and aspiring rapper called Princess…Princess Ghost.

Music has shaped my entire life. My earliest memories were my dad’s Sgt. Pepper’s vs. my mum’s Diamond Dogs. I suppose that’s where my love of music comes from! I’ve couch surfed the world, my favorites are made of leather.

My mother called me her mermaid, and believed I was magic. Later, around 11, I believed I was an alternate version of Witch Baby (francesca lia block’s character.) To this day I wonder.

As a writer music as drenched my fiction and I’ve written a few music columns over the years. From my zines to websites, I just write, my first love is music. Music is the common denominator of the universe. I love zines, in my teenage wildlife I wrote a zine called Misspent Youth. Zines are art! Though I’m not actively zine-ing, I’ve put my energy to the Resident Alien youtube show, it’s like a zine that you can see and hear.

I started DJing around sixteen. Often sneaking out of my mum’s to do it. Living at my dad’s made it easier though. He had better records and the leather couch I dream about still. I’ve done both club work and radio stations.

More stuff!

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